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Hengfeng Electrical Co., Ltd. since the founding of 20 years, the continuous introduction of new equipment and advanced technology, computer numerical control injection molding machine with advanced and ethos blade balancing advanced machine and mold their own research and development, make the products of unique style, the feeling is comfortable, the wind is strong, the quality is stable and reliable, achieve product specialization, serialization, main electric hair dryer (ad hoc perfuming type, violet lamp) and row inserted, flashlight, electric mosquito swatter, shoes dryer etc..

Plant the spirit of customer centered, service-oriented objectives, quality assurance, refine on.

Our products have passed China 3C certification and the European Union CE certification, quality of products are insured by the People's Insurance Company of China PICC. Heartfelt thanks to all of the trust and support of our product series. Welcome new and old customers at any time feedback precious opinion.